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Notes-1 You can search for a Cemetery Name; Funeral Home; City of Death; or Maiden name. The death age will be displayed if listed.

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Enter data in any combination of search criteria fields.

You can increase the number of 'Results Displayed per page' to any number.
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NOTE: Date formats in the database are DD-MMM-YYYY
Example: 25 Jun 1951

No wildcard search capability. 
Where no date exists in the database, a blank space or N.A. may be entered.

Use the 'contains' option and enter the day, year or month if known.

EXAMPLE: If you are searching for a death in December of 1934 you should consider doing two searches. First using year CONTAINS 34, and if no results using CONTAINS Dec. Remember, if no death year was in the cemetery source database a N.A. may be displayed.

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