B'nai Zion - Shaare Tikvah Memorial Plaque Project

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Q. Are all the plaques also online at JewishGen.org?

A. No. The JGSI Memorial Plaque Project also include plaques 'In Memory Of', 'Presented By' and 'Dedicated to' listed by the plaque surnames.

Note: You must be a registered JewishGen user to view the plaques on their website.

Q: What soundex system is used in this searchform?

A: The DM (Daitch Mokotoff) soundex is used because it's useful when dealing with eastern European names.


Q: Who developed the various soundex systems?

A: The original idea for soundexing is credit to Robert Russell in 1918. He was the developer of what is now known as the Russell Soundex System. His system was later improved upon and became the American Soundex system that is used by the US government in such applications as indexing the US census records. More recently the Daitch-Mokotoff (DM) Soundex System developed by Randy Daitch and Gary Mokotoff in 1985 has become the standard for use in indexing Eastern European names.

Article explaining the various soundex systems:


Q: How can I determine the Hebrew or Yiddish names on graves and memorial plaques?

A: Use these Online forms for translating Hebrew and Yiddish:

Translating between Hebrew and English

Translating between Yiddish and English


Q: How can I decipher Hebrew Memorial Plaque or Tombstone dates?

A: Use this online form (LINK).


Q: How can I convert from Civil Dates to Jewish Dates?

A: Use this online calendar conversion form. (LINK)