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Ron's RECOMMENDATION Ranking  Not appropriate  Not appropriate  1. Join PLUS. The 5 GB Account Use for short clips. 2. Appropriate if Vimeo not selected.  Also appropriate for use in addition to Vimeo.
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Decision FACTORS Decision FACTORS Decision FACTORS Decision FACTORS Decision FACTORS Decision FACTORS
Cost Current: Cost per year. Upgrade: $1,200 annual. Current: Cost per year. Upgraded Account $$$ Free 500 MB/Week PLUS Account $60/Annual Allows 5 GB/Week Free: Use Current Account Free.  Need Google Account.
Maximum Upload Size 25 or 100 MB   N/A (5GB weekly) 25 MB 15 minute video. BUT Not problem with 'Increase Limit' option.
Link via WildApricot Link or Embed YouTube/Vimeo Link or Embed YouTube/Vimeo Link or Embed  Link or Embed  Link or Embed 
Privacy Password Protection Password Protection Password Protection Restrict to Friends Public (searchable) or Unlisted file
Full Screen Option & Embed Videos         To upload, comment, or make playlists, create a public YouTube channel.
Advertising on video player/screen No advertisments No advertisments No advertisments Advertisements Advertisements
Analytics Google Analytics Google Analytics Option Vimeo Advanced Statistics Use "Likes" Google Analytics 
File Formats       MP-4 .MOV
  Note/Comments/Remarks Current: 25 MB single file limit 400 MB storage Maximum Allowed: $200/mo) 1.6 GB storage 100 MB single file limit. Wild Apricot allows you to embed video clips from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, or Flickr on your Wild Apricot pages. You can also embed videos stored on your Wild Apricot site. WildApricot Embedded Videos: Visitors to your site may need to download and install browser-specific plugins to view your videos. Note/Comments/RemarksHostGator tech suport recommended not upgrading. " VPS and Dedicated servers would definitely allow you to stream from the server itself. However as you are working with a non-profit the cheapest option would be to use a streaming service." An upgraded account, besides cost, would entail technical issues that could easily exceed my capabilities.   Note/Comments/RemarksUnlimited HD format videos with PLUS account. Uploads are converted to Vimeo format. Plus users also have the option of allowing downloads of their original uploaded file. Codec: H.264

A codec is the format in which your video will be encoded. Vimeo accepts most major video codecs, but for best results we recommend using H.264. If you’re uploading High Definition (HD) video, choose the High Profile H.264 setting instead of Main Profile.

View IAJGS use of YouTube linked from their website.


View IAJGS use of FaceBook linked from their website.

          Must convert audio (MP3-WAV) to .WMV video file.